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Hello, I'm Istanbul female escort Idil.

My age is 28, my weight is 56, my height is 1.74.

I read the story of so many people and everyone explains how it started and I decided to tell. I was a senior in high school and I had a boyfriend for a year. On the weekends, I would go meet with Hasan, who misled my mother because she had a course at school. We loved each other with Hasan. We had a winter day at the same place and at the same time at the weekend. The weather was very cold and Hasan called his friend and asked for the house key if the house was empty.

The house was very nice with it being quite warm and it seemed exactly as we wanted. While watching television, Hasan began to kiss me on my cheek by saying ö I missed my love Television. I let her kiss her as usual.

Kissing and making love wasn't our first time. Gradually, we were starting to make our way to the bedroom. love, love, kissing kissing in the corridor to the lineage were going to the bedroom. Hassan agreed and Hassan entered me from behind. Since then, I felt awkward and strange, and I left Hasan. I wanted to be with someone again after I left, and if I had so much pleasure from the ass, I believed I would get more from the front and I started this job by handing my virginity to someone in Istanbul Escort for the first time.


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